ORACULUM, civil law. The name of a kind of decisions given by the Roman emperors.

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Hermann-Josef Sieben, "Velut oraculum a deo profectum: Erasmus von Rotterdam tiber das Okumenische Konzil.
Propterea quod dixit oraculum, grave puero domum reduci Imminere a patre periculum, ipsius manu ut caederetur.
8) Strangely, these descriptions contradict the supposed original inscriptions, written (presumably on the cornice) around the room in which they were housed, and described in a letter some three years earlier by the owner's agent, Federico della Rovere (see Appendix 2): 'Sapientam [omnium] antiquorum exquiret Sapiens et in Prophetis vacabit' and 'Ezechiel, Daniel, Esdras inter Assyrios, Chaldeos, Medos, & Persas divinorum Oraculum mysteria prevident, tempora describunt instaurant exemplaria.
Prima che fossero ristaurate le stanze stavan superiormente scritte con doratura all'intorno le seguenti cenni storici dei soggetti quantunque per la vecchiaia abbanstanza leggibile poi colorati a muro; furono copiati fedelmente in grande, ed ecco il primo rosa dice Ezechiel, Daniel, Esdras inter Assyrias, Chaldeos, Medos, Persas divinorum Oraculum mysteria prevident, tempora describunt instaurant exemplaria--'
Secondo Macrobio, la cui trattazione raggiunge il Medioevo attraverso una tradizione tanto diffusa quanto autorevole, l'attivith onirica si divide in cinque categorie: somnium, visio, oraculum, insomnium, e visum.
To make the case he notes that Nesi was the prominent author of the Oraculum de novo saeculo, which portrayed Savonarola through a wildly enthusiastic hermetic and apocalyptic symbolism as the philosophical, prophetic leader of the coming age.
48) Among the piagnoni followers of Savonarola, the highly symbolic language remained popular, The Oraculum de novo saeculo (Oracle of the New Century) by Giovanni Nesi (circa 1456-1530) differs substantially in tone from Benivieni's "Cantico," the Oraculum also adopts the figure of the lion, among other animals and symbols, to communicate a prophetic event for Florence.
christi cubiculum / virginitas(8) Augustinus Quatuor sunt genera sompniorum | augustinus Oraculum .
This text demonstrates, first, some typical aspects of the Puritan sermon - its appeal to reason (logos), for instance, and illustrates some rhetorical and stylistic devices that we would expect in sermons, such as dialogismus, Biblical parataxis and polysyndeton, epicrisis, cataplexis, categoria, dehortatio, adhortatio, oraculum, and protrope.
Creating their own path through Underland using the oraculum map, players lead, protect and help Alice on her quest.
Macrobius even has a special category of dream, called oraculum, of which the main characteristic is that a figure of authority tells the dreamer what to do.
DCP and Urban Decay worked together to develop names for the eye shadows reflective of the many topsy-turvy people and things in Underland: Underland, Alice, Oraculum, Queen, Chessur, White Rabbit, Wonderland, Curiouser, Muchness, Mushroom, Midnight Tea Party, Vorpal, Absolem, Drink Me, Eat Me, Mad Hatter, Jabberwocky.