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Raisz also pointed out that the ORAI and NOF both recommend DXA testing for all women over 65.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of Defective 63MVA, 132/33KV Aditya Vidyut make T/F by old 40MVA T/F at 132KV S/S Orai under ETD Orai
Tenders are invited for Construction of Security wall at 220 Kv Sub-station, Orai
Tenders are invited for Handling And Transport Contractor At Railhead Orai
Tenders are invited for Supply of Furniture for 132 KV Sub-Station Tundla under ETD Firozabad & 132 KV Sub-Station Kalpi & Jalaun under ETD Orai
Firdous and Kadir, 40, will take their big baby home in Orai, Uttar Pradesh, in five days.
Her 14lb 12oz son was born in Orai in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday.
We had not anticipated this when we shifted to Delhi from Orai in Uttar Pradesh's Jalaun district around a decade ago," the girl's grandfather told M AIL T ODAY .
CRAC channels, comprising Orai and regulatory STIM proteins, function to maintain proper levels of calcium in certain non-excitable cell types.
Gene disruption of the calcium channel Orai 1 results in inhibition of osteoclast and osteoblast differentiation and impairs skeletal development.
Bu veriler yardimi ile osteoporoz risk indekslerinden; OST (4), SCORE (5), ORAI (6) OSIRIS (7) kullanilarak risk skorlari hesaplandi.
Recorta, contem, salienta, cerca as manifestacoes orais ou gestuais do bebe, oferece uma sintaxe (embora parcial), expandindo, retomando as manifestacoes vocais do bebe pre-verbal, assim como o fara, mais tarde, com as verbalizacoes do bebe que comeca a produzir um lexico primitivo.