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I have discussed this question in a number of public lectures since the early 1990s, and I am now preparing a lengthy study of Filelfo and his students, and particularly the student orations, based on a number of Filelfo student miscellanies, including FiBLaur Acq.
Cihak has arranged the selection of his orations, homilies, and writings in sections on defining reform from its center, being transformed by Christ in the Eucharist, imitating the good shepherd, and making the world holy.
Tutson offered the most syrupy comment in a century of undergraduate orations when she affirmed that "we do have the ability to move mountains, however big or small they may be.
Roman philosopher Cicero made similar orations against Mark Antony following the death of Julius Caesar.
The Ministry of Endowment has tightened regulations regarding mosques after the military-backed ousting of former president Mohamed Morsi who, during his one year rule, encouraged the rising tide of political Islam by allowing the unlicensed imams to give orations in mosques.
The volume under review is composed of a select set of Fatimid-period orations (sg.
The powerful party hierarchies Mouth perfect orations, which can sway the feeble minded And earn standing ovations.
The crowds shouted at gardai to leave - and delayed the graveside orations for the former chief of staff of the IRA.
NEVER j again shall I moan about the Fidel Castro-length orations of Martin McGuinness.
Funeral orations highlight the personal characteristics of the deceased and serve as a means of reinforcing social bonds and status.
The volume includes b&w photos, stories by the Winnebago and Jicarilla Apache for comparison, and a summary table of the O'odham orations discussed including comments.
A new edition of the orations he gave six months before his assassination, The Trumpet of Conscience, along with a new edition of Strength to Love, a collection of his sermons, are also to be released.