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Moreover, Richelieu saw Oratorian mysticism as too individualistic on the parish level for absolutist orthodoxy (see Charles Williams).
McClure examines key theorists such as the jurist Cardin LeBret, the oratorian Jean-Francois Senault, and the Jesuit leader Pierre LeMoyne.
He was educated at an Oratorian school, and later attributed his lyrical proficiency to lessons in Greek, Latin and rhetoric.
Born April 11, 1719 in Angers [Archives departmentales du Maine et Loire], where he was a student of the Oratorian Fathers [Port, 1965], Claude Gaignot (the particle "de" later added to his name) was married to Francoise Saulnier on August 16, 1740.
Kirkendale's exhaustive treatment of this influential work in cludes a description of these first performances, the publication of the work in late September 1600 (a publication that includes crucial information about its staging and thus an early example of operatic dramaturgy), its powerful dedicatee, Cardinal Pietro Aldobrandini (1571-1621), the libretto, which was probably written by the Oratorian priest, Agostino Manni, the longstanding tradition of "Soul and Body" plays and poems (dating back even to Egyptian times), the tradition of laude and, finally, of rappresentazioni--popular Italian religious plays with boy actors, inserted songs (laude), three stage levels (cielo, terra, and inferno), and a concluding ballo--all found in Cavalieri's setting.
Later, too, Muller notes, Hopkins rejected Newman's "old Anglican, patristic, literary influence" for the "more floridly emotional Ultramontanist" stance shared by such church leaders as Cardinal Manning and the London Oratorian Frederick Faber.
Federico Barocci, Federico Borromeo, and the Oratorian Orbit.
The Oratorian presents his work as a guide to help people regulate their passions, because the passions, for him, can only be eliminated from man at death.
3) Most influential of them all was the Oratorian Luis Antonio Verney (1713-92), the author of O Verdadeiro Metodo de Estudar ('The True Method of Education'), published in 1746.
One who visited in 1845 was Bishop Horace Bettachini, an Italian Oratorian, who had recently been appointed coadjutor to the vicar apostolic of Colombo (in Ceylon).
Rather ingeniously, Ensemble 415 have substituted for the missing psalm Vivaldi's only slightly earlier Stabat mater, RV621, performed for the first time in Brescia, at the Oratorian church of Santa Maria della Pace, in March 1712.