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Although the distance between the Church of the Oratorians (marked "21") and the streets near the plaza de armas, where the University (marked "50") and the main Jesuit colleges (marked "49" and "S") were located, was less than a kilometer and a half, it seems students had been struggling to attend meetings due to the time it took to return to their lodgings.
Isidore the Farmer in the church of the Spanish nation (San Giacomo degli Spagnoli), San Filippo Neri in the church of the Oratorians (Santa Maria della Vallicella), and St.
49) The Jesuits, the Doctrinaires (Secular Priests of the Christian Doctine), and Oratorians (the French Congregation of the Oratory) founded many schools in France.
He knew his friend, Fr Faber's warm opinion of Woods when Woods, at Oakeley's suggestion, lived among Faber's community of Oratorians.
The colours of Poccetti's draperies were highlighted with abrupt changes of light and flickering surfaces in the manner of Federico Barocci (1535-1612), an affective use of colour which was favoured by many reformist religious orders, most notably the Capuchins and the Oratorians (Fig.
Thus did Tolkien revere his mother as a virtual martyr for her faith, since she had worked herself to death in order that her two sons might be given a vigorous Catholic upbringing by the Oratorians in Birmingham.
The work of the Oratorians has produced many excellent priests over the years, but Maritain pointed out a lack of theological rigor in Berulle's thinking that led him to slip from the notion of the exigencies of the sanctity of the sacerdotal function to the notion of the sanctity of the priestly state of life itself, a state in which the priest would be constituted by the very fact of his ordination.
Still, the ensemble offers vivid evidence of the steady appetite of such new Counter Reformation religious orders as the Jesuits and the Oratorians for up-to-date sacred images--as long as they didn't violate decorum.
The Oratorians were strong promoters of the natural sciences, and they also stressed the importance of the Portuguese language, grammar, and orthography, which they believe should be studied directly and not via Latin.
Several religious orders (Barnabites, Oratorians, Augustinians, and Jesuits) contributed personnel to the observatory.
Oratorians tended to have patrons, composers, and sponsors involved in the actual membership, and the service music to which they contributed was an important means by which the faithful were drawn into the Gospel and sermon messages.
Newman, the head of the Oratorians, preaching the sermon