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On Barocci's work for the Capuchins, see Stuart Lingo, The Capuchins and the Art of History, unpublished PhD dissertation, Harvard University, 1998, and on his work for the Oratorians in Rome, see La regola e la fama, Milan, 1995.
Thus did Tolkien revere his mother as a virtual martyr for her faith, since she had worked herself to death in order that her two sons might be given a vigorous Catholic upbringing by the Oratorians in Birmingham.
The work of the Oratorians has produced many excellent priests over the years, but Maritain pointed out a lack of theological rigor in Berulle's thinking that led him to slip from the notion of the exigencies of the sanctity of the sacerdotal function to the notion of the sanctity of the priestly state of life itself, a state in which the priest would be constituted by the very fact of his ordination.
Still, the ensemble offers vivid evidence of the steady appetite of such new Counter Reformation religious orders as the Jesuits and the Oratorians for up-to-date sacred images--as long as they didn't violate decorum.
The Oratorians were strong promoters of the natural sciences, and they also stressed the importance of the Portuguese language, grammar, and orthography, which they believe should be studied directly and not via Latin.
Oratorians tended to have patrons, composers, and sponsors involved in the actual membership, and the service music to which they contributed was an important means by which the faithful were drawn into the Gospel and sermon messages.
The first Oratorians placed great emphasis on liturgy, attractive services and good music.
The welcome and the real Christian charity have come from Catholic priests known for their orthodoxy, such as Newman's own order the Oratorians, while the sneers and the rejection have come from some of the so-called 'tolerant' liberal luminaries who often feature on the BBC's trite 'Thought for the Day'.
The English Oratorians were understandably dismayed, for their reputation hung, in large measure, on his.
But others, especially some Oratorians, saw Newton's model of the mechanical universe as discrediting magical beliefs, thereby allowing miracles to be understood as occurring only through the power of God, who temporarily suspended the laws of nature.
It is the end of a great line of old-school Oratorians going back to Newman.
Whilst studying at the University of Birmingham I completed a dissertation on Cardinal Newman and the Oratorians and I was honoured to be given access to Cardinal Newman's personal letters.