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ORDINATION, civil and eccl. law. The act of conferring the orders of the church upon an individual. Nov. 137.

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Holmerud challenges the seminaries and church structures to radically rethink the ways that pastors are trained for ordained ministry.
Ordained ministry is one, but not the only, form of the above-mentioned structured ministry, which contains further aspects, such as spiritual oversight, leadership and administration of the church.
4) Despite differences among Christian communions, it stated, there is the same purpose and a similar function of the ordained ministry between two communions, which enables them to have mutual recognition of ordained ministry.
After specializing in marketing for over 20 years as a product supervisor, college professor, small business advisor and entrepreneur, Deborah Kraft received a call to ordained ministry.
Schellat had her first career as a nurse before entering the ordained Ministry.
It can easily be shown that the Christian church admitted women into her regularly ordained ministry during the first two hundred years of Christianity.
I've been led to help other people through the ordained ministry," Johnson said.
Lutheran Network for Inclusive Vision -- a public roster of church leaders committed to witness to the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ by fostering full inclusion of sexual minority people in the congregational life and ordained ministry of the ELCA.
The diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador has revoked John Dinn's licence to practise ordained ministry in the diocese.
If, from a theological perspective, we understand consecrated celibacy as a charism, then some space needs to be given to priests who believe they are called to ordained ministry but do not believe they have received the charism of celibacy.
In due course, I began to explore the call to ordained ministry and here I am.
If however, we believe that ordained ministry is a lifetime calling, that retired ministers who fill pulpits, administer sacraments, call on the sick, bury the dead, offer daily prayers, and then, even when they are not able to perform these acts are still ministers, then, What a travesty to cut such people off from the life and work of the greater church.