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ORDINATION, civil and eccl. law. The act of conferring the orders of the church upon an individual. Nov. 137.

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Amongst other things, it can encourage a reduction in vocations to the (ministerial) priesthood and obscure the specific purpose of seminaries as places of formation for the ordained ministry.
John's University, said that a way to identify ordained ministry as distinct but not separate from the ministry of all the baptized might be to see the ordained minister as a sacrament of the community who "stands for the community as a representative figure in which the community recognizes itself and affirms that this person can stand and act in its stead.
Caption: Noah Njegovan has relinquished his ordained ministry and repaid the money he took from the diocese.
During that time he has also worked more widely to encourage vocations to ordained ministry in the Diocese of Newcastle.
Ian Hughes has been formally banned from any exercise of ordained ministry for 20 years with immediate effect.
The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Board of Ordained Ministry had no choice, Bishop Peggy A.
The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, said: "The Church in Wales believes all its members have the right to test what they believe to be a vocation to the ordained ministry.
I'm a relative newcomer to the Presbyterian Church; I'm changing denominations and traditions after more than 30 years of ordained ministry in an evangelical church.
The path to acceptance has been rocky for most queers who have tried to combine an out sexual identity with ordained ministry, but some have succeeded.
Some will continue in employment outside the church, supporting their ordained ministry from their own resources.
She was selected for training for ordained ministry in 2003 and subsequently spent two years at St Michael's College, Llandaff.
Congregations as the loci of ministry, leaders with the discernment of a call to ordained ministry, exemplary pastors as mentors, and dedicated faculty with passion for teaching and learning have all been playing important roles in this model of theological education for the preparation of leaders for ordained ministry, especially for ethnic, under-served, rural, urban, and special ministries in the ELCA.