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ORDERS. Rules made by a court or other competent jurisdiction. The formula is generally in those words: It is ordered, &c.
     2. Orders also signify the instructions given by the owner to the captain or commander of a ship which he is to follow in the course of the voyage.

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Delta Air Lines said that it would order 10 Boeing 737-700 aircraft and convert five firm orders for 777-200ERs to longer-range 777-200LRs.
If a party fails to comply with a discovery order, the Board can review the discovery orders at the end of the proceeding or on an interlocutory basis under Rule 263.
This core system enables any of the non-medication related orders to be processed in a similarly intelligent manner.
Assign an employee who does the accounting the task of comparing the purchase orders with the packing slips.
Distributors may deliver orders in less-than-bulk quantities for loyal customers.
My hunch is that it was much like any other manual service order system.
The answer may be to give yourself plenty of room when you set limit orders, especially for volatile stocks, such as those in the tech sector, that trade actively.
Also contributing to the decline were virtually flat transportation orders.
The Prince George's County department prints an insert-delete page with each new group of general orders.
Ludwig Wittgenstein disputed philosophies of order which presuppose that universal concepts are direct models of the world.
2d 800 (1991), that the activities the salesmen had provided were not beyond the definition of "solicitation of orders.
Finn and his colleagues report in the May 6 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION that they looked at changes made by ward clerks and laboratory personnel on orders for a variety of thyroid function tests on 181 patients at two hospitals.