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The official answers can be got at through an examination of the authorised picture of organised crime in Canada.
The nature of organised crime in South Africa, as in the rest of the southern African region, correlates with international experience in that various criminal activities are inter-related.
The Yogi government has passed the bill to eradicate land and mining mafia and organised crime in the state.
So it's reassuring to know that Operation Scorpion, an initiative aimed at tackling organised crime, which was launched by North Wales Police in 2014, is having considerable success in keeping our communities safe.
Europe needs to understand the complex issue of organised crime and the danger arising from the infiltration of criminal associations into the social, economic, and political fabric of the Member States, said rapporteur Laura Ferrara (IT, EFDD).
Her Majesty's Inspector Wendy Williams however said: "The force needs to develop its understanding of the threats from serious and organised crime.
Despite denouncing organised crime and meting out punishment for so-called anti-social behaviour, dissident groups are still largely dependent on illegal rackets to fund their terrorist activities, he said.
These new developments are changing the nature of organised crime towards a model based around a networked community of heterogeneous, international groups.
But, effectively, they have burglars and other criminals at their command because those people commit crime to pay for drugs supplied by organised crime groups.
The Organised Crime Unit Coordinate, investigate and prosecute large and complex serious organised crime cases, particularly those involving money laundering.
Serbia, where president Boris Tadic has made a new pledge that his country would come down hard against organised crime, in recent weeks announced that it would set up with Croatia a joint centre against organised crime.
In an exclusive article for the Sunday Mail, the Justice Secretary today reveals they will be prime targets of the Serious Organised Crime Taskforce.