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Each participant is entitled to only one original entry with high resolution (jpeg format), not more than 10MB and with a short description of not more than 50 words.
3, authorities are now insisting that expats produce their original entry documents in their passport or residency cards to prove that they entered the Kingdom legally.
The event, the Principality''s oldest and most famous club competition, was reduced from the original entry of almost 250 clubs to 64 clubs via the first round group stage, before four rounds of knockout matches further reduced this to the surviving four clubs.
Once the first 300 places have been taken there will be a reserve list for additional places should any of the original entry list withdraw.
In January, two hopefuls from an original entry of more than 5,000, will be chosen to sign year-long pro contracts - one with Swindon Town and one with Leyton Orient.
A : When Celtic won the European Cup in 1966-67, they did so from an original entry of 33 teams.
Each entrant must have an original entry form from the Birmingham Mail - no photocopies will be accepted.
I imagine the race will go back to the original entry stage.
Anchored by five essays that familiarize the reader with the history of the region, this seventh edition includes new chapters on Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico and updates each original entry to reflect the current state of that nation.
The 2010 finale to the ZFL North East Masters series, rainswept in the morning before clearing for the afternoon round, attracted an original entry of 35 for its postponed date at the weekend.
In return, the grant recipients must submit a new original entry in the "Autism Artism 2009" gallery show opening June 19 at the Lane Community College art gallery.

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