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On the other hand, there are business issues that originators should bear in mind when considering their responses to repurchase demands from banks and investors.
RMBS research and review into originator and issuer practices for the last five years.
Integrated within Encompass[R], Dynamic Loan Screening automatically identifies matches against the borrower data of products, services, promotions and special discounts of participating lenders, investors and settlement-service providers as an originator enters borrower data into the 1003 form within Encompass.
Originators just point their browser to the appropriate Web address and begin using the origination, decisioning, contactmanagement and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.
Together, Optimal Blue and AFG enable AFG's approved loan originators an opportunity to lock loans with the lender and investor at the same time.
Longer term, however, as market participants adapt to the new ground rules and originators take steps to prevent EPDs, Fitch believes loan repurchase activity should normalize.
Mortgage originators can use SigniaDocs' EC3-enabled documents to seamlessly implement paperless mortgage within all existing processes and systems.
With Optimal Lock, Optimal Blue is the first product eligibility and price engine provider to take advantage of the convergence of technology and content, allowing the lender to connect the investor with the originator to more efficiently source and lock the loan directly with the investor in real time through a third party provider.
Today more than ever, mortgage originators are struggling to manage complex federal, state and municipal regulations," said Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer of Ellie Mae.
Not only were we able to deliver integration with custom underwriting configurations, but we also worked to install 100 percent of its originators in just one month, after which they were able to import loans via our standardized FNMA 3.
GuideTrac enables mortgage lenders to easily and confidently manage investor product guidelines and push that information to originators and staff, allowing everyone involved with a loan to have access to the same guidelines.
The law requires all mortgage originators in Maryland to apply with the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation for a license to conduct business in the state.