Orphans' court

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ORPHANS' COURT. The name of a court in some of the states, having jurisdiction of the estates and persons of orphans.

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Book Proceedings of the Orphans' Court (1611), Devonshire Record Office, Exeter, Minute n.
The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Orphans' Court approved the terms of the purchase agreement on Dec.
Saint Vincent Health System in Erie, upon receipt of approval for its affiliation from the Erie County Orphans' Court, will also become part of Allegheny Health.
O'Keefe, Administrative Judge of the Orphans' Court Division of the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas.
Arrow Child & Family Ministries, a Houston-based nonprofit with operations in Pennsylvania, To Operate The Second Mile Programs if Plan is Approved by Orphans' Court
Served as lead prosecutor in the grand jury investigation of a convicted judge, uncovering abuses in the Orphans' Court system.
House Bill 1671: Amends Act 407 of 1963 to add a clerk of orphans' court to the County Records Committee, to be appointed by the Governor.
The affiliation must be reviewed and approved by the Delaware County Orphans' Court.
Watson, an attorney at law since December 1992, has served extensively in various capacities within the Court of Common Pleas' Orphans' Court and Family divisions.
In December 2004, Montgomery County Orphans' Court Judge Stanley Ott decided to allow The Barnes Foundation to move the art collection from Merion to a new museum in downtown Philadelphia.
Pappert tried the Hershey case in Dauphin County Orphans' Court and then argued the appeal in Commonwealth Court.
Rendell today issued the following statement regarding Montgomery County Orphans' Court Judge Stanley Ott's decision to allow the Barnes Foundation to move its art collection from Merion to a new museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.