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I reached this one," said my friend, "by sitting upon five pillows and consuming an ounce of shag.
Indeed, that load was a heavy one per man with which to travel across the burning desert, for in such places every additional ounce tells.
His head was down and his shoulders rounded, as he put every ounce of energy that he possessed on to the pedals.
Purposely, perhaps, Mary did not agree with Ralph; she loved to feel her mind in conflict with his, and to be certain that he spared her female judgment no ounce of his male muscularity.
He is vulnerable to reason there--always a few grains of common-sense in an ounce of miserliness.
And so it was with the utmost confidence that I laid hold of the huge iron rim; but though I threw every ounce of my strength into it, my best effort was as unavailing as Perry's had been--the thing would not budge--the grim, insensate, horrible thing that was holding us upon the straight road to death!
The kaldane, still holding her turned half away from her to look in the direction she had indicated and simultaneously, with the quickness of a banth, she struck him with her right fist, backed by every ounce of strength she possessed--struck the back of the pulpy head just above the collar.
And as the contents of each became known howls of anger announced the grim truth--there was not an ounce of food upon the boat.
From his mother he had inherited the heavier proportions of the dog, so that he weighed, without any fat and without an ounce of superfluous flesh, over ninety pounds.
I sold him the arsenic--about an ounce and a half--and labeled the bottle in which I put it with the word 'Poison' in my own handwriting.
It was a stiff pull, but their weariness fell from them as they crouched low to the snow, whining with eagerness and gladness as they struggled upward to the last ounce of effort in their bodies.
Peter Blewett only by sight as a small, shrewish-faced woman without an ounce of superfluous flesh on her bones.