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To try to explain away this and many other astounding cosmic "coincidences" that allow life to exist in our universe, some cosmologists have tried to find naturalistic alternatives to the beginning of the universe, other than it was designed by an intelligent being--a being that atheist scientists are trying to disavow.
If the matter in the entire space is finite, then our universe will merge or swallow all the outside matter including its sisters, mother, aunts, grandmothers, and so on, and finally stop its growing.
They don't take up room in our universe but rather are their own universes, expanding into spaces that did not exist before.
The combination of the results of the two galaxy studies and their correlation with the supernova and microwave background observations "is a clear indication that we are on the right track to understanding the origin and evolution of our universe," says Verde.
In this theory, our universe emerged from a black hole in a previous universe; moreover, each black hole in our universe (and other universes) generates yet another universe.
For an eternity, our universe lay dormant --a frozen, featureless netherworld.
Yet somewhere in our universe, the year 2000 may have just receded into the future, new research suggests.
Such questions have long perplexed researchers interested in understanding why the fundamental constants of nature have the particular values observed in our universe.