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Both our universe and the cousin universe have their own children, which are the star-like or supermassive black holes.
We let the entire space universe be the set (denoted by U) of all universes; the child universes (also the niece universes) are null sets (C = {} or N = {}); our universe is a set of the child universes (O = {C,C,C,.
If Smolin's theory of cosmological natural selection is correct, then our universe should be "optimized" for black-hole production.
To a similar theory in which the laws of physics undergo "natural selection" entirely within our universe.
By chance, one of those plates whacked into the one destined to become our universe.
Decoherence involves throwing away alot of information and literally ejecting a lot of probabilities from our universe, for the thrown-away probabilities belong to other parallel universes.
Our universe is homogeneous on the large scale, isotropic, apparently flat or very nearly so, and it has, Page says "a very strong arrow of time.