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Numerous homes have been demolished and replaced with out-of-character buildings, while major corridors that have access to transit and can accommodate growth have not seen development opportunities.
These all seem very out-of-character for a man who, outside the office, is calm and unpretentious with a dry sense of humour.
And the normally sharpshooting Swede followed that night's out-of-character mis-hit nightmare with another blank, against Hibs as Celtic struggled to a 1-0 win.
That fact has been underscored in the past week since North Korea, continuing an out-of-character series of admissions and apologies, confessed to the US that it had pursued a covert nuclear weapons program in breach of a 1994 accord.
His sudden and out-of-character fixation on Angela does not even stem from sexual boredom or daydreaming curiosity.
He sometimes makes out-of-character comments about homosexuals.
The Care Choice Gap survey identified the top 10 triggers for reconsidering the care needs of the elderly as: A fall | Illness/increasing health |problems Noticing memory loss | Struggling to cope - with |cooking, housekeeping or personal hygiene Daily living becoming more |challenging The loss of a partner/parent | Out-of-character behaviour | Personality changes | Weight changes | A change in habits | Many older people hide their growing health problems or difficulties in coping, as they fear they may have to leave their home and lose their independence.
essex seem to have righted the out-of-character tailspin of four straight limited-overs home losses of which that five-wicket defeat to the Royals was leg two.
The Gunners have treated Ozil as a godsend since his last-minute move to the Emirates, but he appeared to put in an out-of-character performance against Manchester United last weekend, failing to produce the match-winning talents he has become famous for at the Emirates.
And I was reaching for the smelling salts after that out-of-character 4-4 at Old Trafford when the manager said: "I don't think I have ever gone into any game and sat.
Edinburgh praised the commitment of his players and admits he has sympathy for striker Sam Foley after his out-of-character late sending off almost cost County the game.
Allen launched an out-of-character tirade against Hearn after his williamhill.