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The lawn is a serene and unusual setting for outdoor sculpture.
To McNeil's surprise, most employees really enjoy the outdoor sculptures.
Developed by the Century City Chamber of Commerce Arts Council's Sculpture Committee, Murrill's exhibit is the first in an ongoing outdoor sculpture art project along Avenue of the Stars in Century City.
You will be surrounded by art in Old San Juan with outdoor sculptures, Spanish tile work and the buildings themselves, which contain ornate iron work and distinctive architectural details.
Quietly, the mental gears synchronized, and an idea exploded into my conscious consideration: A permanent outdoor sculpture in front of our school
In 2008 she was honored with the Best of Show award in Worcester's first outdoor sculpture exhibition, "Art in the Park.
ENGLAND'S first public and outdoor sculpture of a black woman was unveiled yesterday.
AN outdoor sculpture by Tracey Emin worth pounds 60,000 has vanished - but no one seems to care.
With its leafy setting, outdoor sculpture trail and little cafe, at first glance it might seem typical of rural commercial galleries across the UK which sell, and frame, landscape paintings.
Other plans are an outdoor sculpture park and drawing area which will fit in with the school's specialist college status in visual and performing arts.

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