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OUTHOUSES. Buildings adjoining to or belonging to dwelling-houses.
     2. It is not easy to say what comes within and what is excluded from the meaning of out-house. It has been decided that a school-room, separated from the dwelling-house by a narrow passage about a yard wide, the roof of which was partly upheld by that of the dwelling-house, the two buildings, together with some other, and the court which enclosed them, being rented by the same person, was properly described as an out-house: Russ. & R. C. C. 295; see, for other cases, 3 Inst. 67; Burn's Just., Burning, II; 1 Leach, 49; 2 East's P. C. 1020, 1021. Vide House.

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TYPE: Four-bedroom detached house RENTAL: pounds 1,250 pcm AGENT: Payne Associates TELEPHONE: 024 7622 2022 KEY FEATURES: Part furnished Downstairs cloakroom Farmhouse style kitchen Extended lounge Dining room Four bedrooms Jack and Jill en-suite Luxury family bathroom Tandem garage Workshop & outhouses Delightful rear garden
From what we have read about outhouses, it is only necessary to use an outhouse to pass waste, not to pee (how is that for a combination of delicacy and popular vernacular?
Zena's plight came to light during a raid on illegal outhouses by council officers - with our investigators in tow.
SUPERB SETTING The stone-built house at Coanwood, Haltwhistle, has mature, landscaped gardens with outhouses and patio areas and the views are simply stunning.
Neil Scott, director of tenancy Services, Your Homes Newcastle, said: "The outhouses are accessible through a single door which is secured by a rimlock.
An Amish man was sentenced to 90 days in a Pennsylvania jail for failing to abide by a court order to bring two school outhouses into compliance with sewage regulations.
BILLINGHAM council house residents were asked if they wanted to keep their outhouses which would mean an increase of four shillings and nine pence per week.
A GANG of crooks are targeting sheds and outhouses in Wallasey
And development planned farther north on Sierra Highway likely would bring a sewer line past the complex -- meaning the outhouses could replaced with real restrooms.
At night, the men were so exhausted that they pissed and shit themselves in their cots, unable to get up to use the outhouses.
Outhouses is a photographic and historical reflection upon the role that the once-necessary outhouse has played in the human past.
My understanding (in my state) is that building codes do not forbid alternatives like outhouses and composters.