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OUTHOUSES. Buildings adjoining to or belonging to dwelling-houses.
     2. It is not easy to say what comes within and what is excluded from the meaning of out-house. It has been decided that a school-room, separated from the dwelling-house by a narrow passage about a yard wide, the roof of which was partly upheld by that of the dwelling-house, the two buildings, together with some other, and the court which enclosed them, being rented by the same person, was properly described as an out-house: Russ. & R. C. C. 295; see, for other cases, 3 Inst. 67; Burn's Just., Burning, II; 1 Leach, 49; 2 East's P. C. 1020, 1021. Vide House.

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Archaeologists may have found the outhouse where the American Revolutionary War icon Paul Revere pooped.
There's a rear courtyard, where you'll find two outhouses - one of which has power and plumbing for a washing machine while the other outhouse has a toilet - and there's also a garage to the front.
After World War II, the outhouse moved indoors; septic tanks and leach beds became new problems.
To the rear of the houses there's a workshop, outhouses and a private garden with patio, lawn and shrubs.
He had some experience with the outhouses used in public camping areas, and it shows.
Desperate immigrants of many nationalities are crammed into slum outhouses in the back gardens of decrepit houses run by grasping rogue landlords.
None of them had running water, and they all had horrific outhouses when we moved in.
The house is surrounded by mature, landscaped gardens with outhouses and patio areas.
And after approaching other residents on the West Denton street, which is made up of mainly council houses, the scale of the problem escalated as around seven of the outhouses they tried opened using another person's keys.
An Amish man was sentenced to 90 days in a Pennsylvania jail for failing to abide by a court order to bring two school outhouses into compliance with sewage regulations.
BILLINGHAM council house residents were asked if they wanted to keep their outhouses which would mean an increase of four shillings and nine pence per week.
A GANG of crooks are targeting sheds and outhouses in Wallasey