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DataNumen Outlook Express Repair helps home users who need to protect themselves against lost Outlook Express emails, business people who need to ensure that backed-up Outlook Express files are sound, and system consultants and network managers who are responsible for the integrity and security of other people's emails.
QIN Outlook Express, Accounts, my POP3 server - pop.
The new software, XTNDConnect PC Phone Sync, gives Sony Ericsson end users an inexpensive way to utilize the market's leading desktop synchronization technology to manage contact lists using Outlook Express.
QI AM running Outlook Express 6 as my email program and want to change to Microsoft Outlook which is included in the Office package.
Installation was reasonably easy and my original Outlook Express was still intact from the experience which is always good to see when you have a decent sized address book and a large amount of important e-mails knocking around.
To fix this, go to Tools/Accounts in Outlook Express, select your email account and click Properties.
A NOT in Outlook Express - its anti-spam filters are fairly basic.
AIT'S not an easy setting to find, because it's not actually in Outlook Express.
Q IS IT possible to delete an email from Outlook Express without opening it?