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Cert 12A, Running time 97mins After the excesses of Danny Collins, Al Pacino turns the over-acting dial down several notches for this gently meandering character study.
They took the language of Shakespeare, added the sounds of the 60s, the over-acting of a 40s war movie and added a dollop of spoof sci-fi.
Just watch his role in the Blues new half season ticket promotional video - complete with arch over-acting and a healthy dose of self depreciation, ably assisted by Steven Pienaar.
And barely a day goes by without a controversial incident or example of similar behaviour or over-acting up there with a Tim Vickery piece to camera.
What followed was over-acting, gurning and simulated rudery atop a revolving circular bed as Silva jumped between playing Maggie, her friend Big Sally-Ann, Mr Big and other caricatures.
At first, there even seemed to be a danger of over-acting in the efforts Bernard needs to make trying to convince his wife that he wasn't planning a little sexual mischief in her absence when she suddenly changes her mind about leaving him alone for the weekend while she visits her mother.
Diplodocus, Pleisiosaurus, Triceratops and T-Rex are all in this one - although none are a match for McClure's scenery demolishing over-acting.
It was a tactic employed by several of her colleagues, particularly the histrionic and chronically over-acting Marion (Sarah Berger).
The first was for a minor tussle with Syria's Mahmood Al Mawas, who appeared to be over-acting after a challenge for the ball with the Bahraini defender.
Gone are the over-the-top cartoon voices, silly lyrics and over-acting, replaced by a return to form.
He almost pulls it off, despite claiming to be Australian, but then Arab cabbie Rob Schneider recognises him and his arch enemy The Phantom (an over-acting John Turturro) shows up.
STARRING: Hayden Christensen, Jessica Alba, Terrence Howard, Lena Olin, Fisher Stevens, Christopher McDonald DIRECTOR: Joby Harold CERTIFICATE: 15 RUNNING TIME: 84mins REVIEWER'S RATING: ** SHOWING: Cineworld, Showcase, VUE VERDICT: Harold's clumsy misdirection means we're always two steps ahead, while performances are uniformly poor - from Christensen's lack of emotion to Olin's wild over-acting