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MORE dabbling with supernatural forces and this week's over-blown tale has a fair share of over-acting aliens.
And would it be too much to hope that another plane lands on Emmerdale on their happy day and rids us of Paul and his theatrical over-acting once and for all?
Today their operation looks like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, albeit without Johnny Depp over-acting around the place: the warehouse is filled with great silver vats, space age tubs and row upon row of gleaming barrels.
Over-acting, ridiculous storylines and cardboard sets.
And Max Caulfield, the ham who dogged Dynasty and The Colbys, has brought his unique style of over-acting to Holby's wards of despair.
Sauvage, the evil Frenchman behind the scheme, arrives courtesy of a madly over-acting John Malkovich.
Most of my embarrassing moments happen when I see myself over-acting.
It is a beautiful scene but Mr Beckett must avoid any hint of over-acting.
ClichA-laden melodrama, offering no surprises but featuring plenty of over-acting.
The audience must hate him (Davis' character is called Yogi ``because nobody can bear him'') and I have not seen such a bad case of over-acting since the last time I watched Crossroads.
Unfortunately, Ving Rhames and Tom Sizemore as the mad medics who accompany Cage on his overwrought episodic encounters, up the over-acting ante to its highest level.
Pearce's over-acting compensates for Caviezel's non-performance, and thefilm's lack of dramatic tension or momentum.