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A bank, Securities firm, or other financial institution that regularly renders services for another in an area or market to which the other party lacks direct access. A bank that functions as an agent for another bank and carries a deposit balance for a bank in another city.

Securities firms may have correspondents in foreign countries or on exchanges—organizations that provide facilities for convening purchasers and sellers of securities—of which the firms are not members.

The term correspondent is distinct from corespondent—a person summoned to respond to litigation, together with another person, particularly, a paramour in a Divorce action based on Adultery.


adjective adapted, agreeable, agreed, akin, analogous, answerable, apposite, belonging, coequal, coextensive, cognate, coinciding, collateral, comfortable, comparable, commensurable, complementary, concomitant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlative, corresponsive, counterpart, equal in effect, equal in force, equal in significance, equal in value, equivalent, fit, fitted, germane, harmonious, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, similar, suitable, suited, synonymous, uniform


noun analogue, complement, correlative, counterpart, duplicate, equal, obverse, pendant, reciprocator, similitude
See also: accompanying, agreed, akin, analogous, apposite, appropriate, coequal, coextensive, cognate, collateral, commensurable, comparative, complement, concomitant, concordant, congruous, consistent, consonant, contemporaneous, correlate, correlative, counterpart, fit, germane, harmonious, litigant, mutual, pendent, reciprocal, related, relative, relevant, similar, suitable, uniform
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universities and colleges applied for the $2,000 Overseas Press Club scholarship.
Klose hopes to expand the news programming, and points out with pride that NPR won a Lowell Thomas award from the Overseas Press Club for its coverage of Kosovo.
There has been a lot of tragic foreign news over the past year -- from Ebola to Ukraine to the Central African Republic to ISIS -- including the tragedy of murdered journalists, like James Foley," says Marcus Mabry, president of the Overseas Press Club of America and editor at large of The New York Times.
Andelman is editor of World Policy Journal, the author of "A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today," president-designate of the Overseas Press Club of America and a UN Global Expert
It (being a teetotaler) is the best thing working for me," Laquian told the Manila Overseas Press Club.
CSX and ConocoPhillips led a number of new advertisers onto the site, while the CSM weekly print magazine won an Overseas Press Club Citation for a cover story on the hype of carbon offsets.
The arrests of the trio from Al Jazeera, along with the larger crackdown on journalists and activists, has drawn widespread condemnation from rights groups both in Egypt and abroad, including the Arab Network for Human Rights Information, the Association for Free Thought and Expression, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and the Overseas Press Club of America.
Contact: Tomoka Shoji / Akihiro Yoshinobu Gift Show Overseas Press Desk Kyodo Public Relations Co.
Mr Blair plans to go on the offensive against the overseas press magnates to whip up support for the new money.
Batten Prize for Journalism Excellence, three Overseas Press Club awards and a National Headliner Award.
Marino joins Reorg Research from Caribbean Business, where his coverage of Puerto Rico's fiscal and economic crisis in 2014 received recognition from the Overseas Press Club for excellence in business journalism.
The numerous high-caliber awards received - including the Olivier Rebbot Award from the Overseas Press Club of America and 14 honors from NPPA's "The Best of Photojournalism" - highlight the talented Getty Images photographers and their commitment to delivering captivating visual stories.

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