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Prior to joining Quest Software and then Virtual PBX, Rybin helped lead internationalization efforts for FamilySearch.
This enables users of the Denphone PBX to connect to low-cost long-distance providers in other countries, as well as being able to set up free inter-office long-distance calling over the Internet.
The same applies to companies with an 800 number and for those that also allow employees to access the PBX system from outside the office.
An interactive list of cities and countries for which Virtual PBX provides international support can be found here.
In just four hours, we'll show businesses how they can extend the life of their PBXs for years," said Gwen Daniels, Southwestern Bell's PBX Plus marketing manager.
The beauty of a PBX is that every customer location needs one," said John Malone, CEO of The Eastern Management Group.
Line-side (FXO) connectivity to the PBX, replacing the trunk-side (FXS) connection required in earlier models.
VoSKY Exchange is a rackmountable PBX voice gateway that adds up to eight Skype VoIP lines to the office PBX without changes to existing PBX or phone equipment.
IP PBX Trunking is one more example of how we're using advanced technology to create service solutions that matter and remove the burden of managing advanced IT technology for our customers," said Chris MacFarland, McLeodUSA Chief Technology Officer.
Sphere Communications, a software developer of IP PBX and Services Oriented Unified Communications technology, and CXtec, a global provider of new and pre-owned networking technology equipment, today announced a partnership to deliver the award-winning Sphericall IP PBX to their growing education, healthcare and enterprise customers.
SAN DIEGO -- Switchvox, a provider of IP PBX phone systems for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced revenue grew more than 100% quarter-over-quarter during 2006.
Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced the launch of Sprint Wireless Integration, a product that extends customers' premises-based PBX features and functionality to their mobile phones.