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This shows that Teleca's PC Connectivity solution is trusted and that synchronization of PIM data on all user devices is essential as users carry one or two at the time and always want to be updated, and that these devices will come also from the big brands in consumer electronics.
USB Duet technology provides the simplest PC connectivity for the emerging UMPC platform, while also allowing any USB Duet-enabled PC to back up files by using another computer as a secondary storage device.
The IDEeE[TM] is a dockable device, allowing directly connectivity for up to 3 high-resolution displays, mouse, keyboard, digital audio system, external mass storage and all standard PC connectivity interfaces.
The Lenovo N100 includes the latest in wireless and multimedia features for enhanced PC connectivity and an improved viewing experience.
The ER-A242 is the ideal solution for businesses that want reliability along with fast, quiet thermal printing and easy programming software for PC connectivity.