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PDA software makers offer a healthy array of programs to help you be your physical best.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate student's perceptions of their comfort and confidence levels related to use of a PDA, to investigate student's perceptions of the effect that a PDA had on their ability to make clinical decisions and to determine the effect on amount of time spent finding information on a PDA versus a drug reference book.
Even with the new analysis, Allenby adds, "I don't think you'll find many people curling up with their PDAs on Sunday mornings.
The most common place to lose a PDA or other mobile device is a taxi.
In those cases in which nursing home employees use PDAs to record PHI, safeguards must be put in place to ensure that the information is not compromised.
Throughout the rest of the day, the maintenance person uses the PDA both to view WOs in sequence and to enter the detailed data associated with those WOs, including work descriptions, times, and required parts and materials.
The new NEC PDA will ship with Microsoft(R) Pocket PC 2002 software, which was announced separately today.
Handheld PDAs fall into two primary categories--those that run on the Palm operating system by Palm Inc.
Psion's won't be the only PDA with Bluetooth: Palm also is a Bluetooth adopter--and has licensed Sony to build and sell a Sony-branded version of the Pilot (Sony was to have begun sales in Japan last month, with U.
Founded in 1946 as a nonprofit organization, PDA is committed to developing scientifically sound, practical technical information and resources to advance science and regulation through the expertise of its nearly 10,000 members worldwide.
He also plans to expand into the healthcare market by helping doctors and other medical professionals maximize their PDA investments and focus on the latest entrant into the handheld market: the smartphone, which is a mobile phone and a PDA in one device.