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PEM broach/flare-mount standoffs for stacking or spacing applications integrate a combined broach/flare feature promoting even greater pullout performance upon installation in board materials
I have not had to perform as many PEM biopsies as I initially anticipated because correlation with other modalities is clear.
Robert Parry, of GNH Golf Cars, Caernarfon, supplied golf buggies to PEM for events organised on behalf of Ryder Cup Wales, in Harlech, Porthcawl and the Vale of Glamorgan, but never received a penny.
PEM also had fewer false positives than MRI, although the difference in specificity between the two modalities did not reach statistical significance in either ipsilateral or contralateral lesions, Dr.
In the previous phases of the project, Teledyne Energy Systems developed a prototype and an engineering model of an advanced PEM fuel cell system that produces over 12 kilowatts of power at 30 volts.
Always specify "PEM fasteners only" in your designs to be sure you get genuine PEM brand fasteners.
Most current PEM fuel cells run on pure hydrogen, but the gas requires bulky storage canisters ill-suited handheld appliances.
Now, a mass market for PEM fuel cells is emerging, sparking interest in lower-cost membranes.
PEM Net allows healthcare professionals to view and print over 1,400 generic and brand name drug information handouts through a browser.
The PEM effort began in 1985 as an activity of the Privacy and Security Research Group (PSRG) [15] under the auspices of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).
After an introduction to types of fuel cells, applications, the fundamental materials of PEM fuel cells, membranes for PEM fuel cells, and testing, chapters cover fluoropolymers for proton exchange membranes, nonfluorinated polymers for proton exchange membranes, anhydrous proton-conducting polymers for high-temperature PEM fuel cells, anion exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells, and polymers for new types of fuel cells.