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The researchers concluded that the participants in the PFMT group had a small but significant--and clinically important--decrease in prolapse symptoms.
At 3 months, equivalent numbers of women using PFMT and a pessary (49% and 40%, respectively; P=.
Cammu and VanNylen (3) studied 60 women with SUI and compared a once weekly, 30 minute private PFMT session for 12 weeks with a vaginal cones group who used the cones 2 times per day for 15 minutes for 12 weeks.
Fifteen patients were randomized to treatment with early PFMT one session per week for 12 weeks, as well as home exercises.
A systematic review by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of adult female outpatients with SUI examined the effectiveness of PFMT, electrical stimulation, magnetic stimulation, and vaginal cones compared with no active treatment or sham treatment to produce continence (90% to 100% symptom reduction) or improve symptoms (at least 50% patient-reported symptom reduction).
trials (RCTs) using PFMT, there is no consistency between them, which
In women with SUI, conservative treatment using PFMT has been shown to work well in the short term and produce objective and subjective cure rates of between 35% and 80% (Bo, 2012; Christofi & Hextall, 2007; Karon, 2009).
5) Several authors have demonstrated the positive influence of PFMT on disease course.
HaySmith, Herderschee, Dumoulin, and Herbison (2011) found subjective improvement in individuals performing PFMT with more improvement reported by those in contact with a health care professional.
BFB trained nurse two to four weeks (2000), Urology before: PFMT with BFB control handout only with PFMT; pad use.