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The steel pipe eliminated most of the subtle vibration from the wind pressure, which otherwise could further affect the PIV image quality.
federal government, its contractors and other facilities to comply with federal identity mandates and take advantage of the PIV program's higher security capabilities without a rip-and-replace overhaul of their current physical access control system (PACS) infrastructure.
This necessitated longer-than-typical cooling times to promote part shrinkage, and, at times, loosening or removal of the large PIV window to allow ejection of the solidified part.
The PIV system is composed from a LaserPulse Dual Nd: YAG laser at 120 mJ/pulse and at a maximum rate of 15 Hz.
Although ELISA is the ideal tool for identifying infections caused by PIV, high levels of antigenic cross-reactivity among various PIV subfamilies and other closely related viruses hinder the ability for ELISA to determine which type of PIV has infected an animal (10,11).
Different types of conventional light sources have also been employed in PIV experiments.
Within a minute of clicking four buttons, the PIV software had averaged 40 snapshots to produce a velocity vector map.
Agencies "may have put out a FIPS policy at a high level, and someone lower down is not aware," says Rob Zivney of Hirsch Electronics, who chairs the PIV working group formed by the Security Industry Association.
Previous studies have shown that PIV provided accurate and adequate data to study indoor airflow in a full-scale test room (Zhao et al.
PIV-II divides the functional parts of a PIV system into three subsystems: front-end components such as cards and biometric readers; card issuance and management components; and access control devices.
PIV has quickly become the newest high technology in flow analysis, and several newly developed PIV systems have been introduced for aerodynamic studies, including cinematic PIV, stereoscopic PIV, and holographic PIV.
XTec is teamed with Oberthur Technologies, the leading provider of PIV cards to the federal government.