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The five founding PKI Forum member companies have expressed their commitment to working collaboratively with other vendors, as well as users, to ensure greater interoperability and utility for PKI-based solutions:
This deployment is exactly the sort of environment for information sharing that the SPYRUS PKI System was designed to secure.
To align operations with the DoD's PKI and Defense In Depth initiatives, the Army decided to standardize on Tumbleweed VA, concluding that the product satisfies its requirements for a cost-effective solution that provides capabilities to speed the real-time validation of digital certificates, ensure secure communications, and to support the system-wide use of smart cards for cryptographic access to desktop, server, and network resources.
Four key things you need to know about the global PKI market
The DoD PKI certification applies to F-Secure SSH UNIX server and client products which are available to public and private sector customers on a global basis.
The biggest challenges with PKI are developing and migrating applications using PKI, cumbersome client updates, and the high processing costs associated with PKI.
We are honored to have been selected by DoD PKI PMO to provide digital certificate validation.
3eTI is a wireless infrastructure and application company providing secure solutions for: WLANs, wireless sensor networks, mesh networking, RFID, wireless video, PKI, and location-based context-aware solutions.
The OASIS PKI Action Plan builds on the results of a series of surveys conducted by the OASIS PKI Technical Committee with IT staff who have deployed or attempted to deploy PKI.
The breakthrough PKI Express technology solution played a major role in the Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) 2003.
According to a preliminary memorandum of understanding with PKI Solutions, E-City Software would acquire from PKI Solutions all right, title and interest in the IDRx(TM) project in exchange for restricted common stock of E-City Software issued to the PKI Solutions shareholders prorata, coupled with PKI Solutions receiving a contract for further development, marketing and implementation of the project.
Baltimore's flagship UniCert product is the world's leading PKI infrastructure, with more than 300 customers worldwide in the high-end government, finance and telecommunications markets.