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The global patient portal market is segmented by its type, mode of delivery, and end user.
The new report "State of the Portal Market 2007: Portals and The Power of Participation" synthesizes original research, market and custom survey data into a densely packed analysis of this vibrant market.
The purpose of the Gartner Group portal product Magic Quadrant is to correctly position vendors in the crowded enterprise portal market, and attempt to provide a structured framework for IT decision-makers that are looking to make informed decisions about portal technology implementations," said Gene Phifer, vice president of the Internet and c-business infrastructure practice at Gartner Group.
After a period of considerable turbulence in the first half of this decade, the portal market has now stabilised.
27 BEA Systems , a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, today announced it has achieved tier one status among a total of 16 vendors in Current Analysis' Enterprise Portal Market Assessment Report.
The TV portal market is projected to generate $11 billion in revenue over the next five years, and this will represent opportunities for a wide variety of companies.
BEA's combination of robust portal technology with a fully integrated application development and deployment environment is helping drive growth and innovation within the enterprise portal market, which analyst firm Gartner predicts will reach $1.