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InComm's POSA technology allows retailers to activate prepaid cards at the point-of-sale, eliminating the risk and cumbersome control procedures required for maintaining an inventory of value-bearing cards.
Toys"R"Us plans to gradually expand the selection of prepaid cards that utilize POSA technology.
While durable phone cards have long been available to merchants using Q Xpress terminals, the Best Telecom POSA cards enable our VeriFone merchants to meet this demand.
a leading provider of prepaid solutions, announced today it has signed a contract with AmeriTel, a leading provider of telecommunications products, to supply AmeriTel with its POSA and Web-based solutions for distribution of prepaid products.
The POSA system affords our customers more control, less investment, less inventory and helps eliminate pilferage.
DataWave's POSA technology gives retailers the capability for instantaneous on-demand electronic delivery of PIN-based prepaid products.
After testing their POSA technology in selected stores, we are very excited to have it available at more than 600 of our stores across Canada.
Doug Pfeiffer, CEO of POSA Tech and board member of Tripoint Payment Systems said: "I estimate that as many as 80 percent of our retailers will be interested in the prepaid program.
Universal Cash Express intends to offer its FTD gift cards through DataWave's POSA network.
The chilly weather affected hundreds of growers north of the Santa Clara River, on the Oxnard Plain and in portions of Las Posas Valley, said Ventura County Agricultural Commissioner Earl McPhail.
The show is held at Point Mugu, on the ocean near the southern end of Las Posas Road, which can be reached from the Ventura Freeway.