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Leveraging the strength of IBM's POWER4 processor technology, IBM pSeries midrange servers offer an excellent price/performance ratio typically found in high-end systems.
Copper increases microprocessor performance substantially compared with chips that use traditional aluminum In 2002, the system will be upgraded with IBM's POWER4 microprocessors, which will increase performance to the teraflop level.
The offering runs on IBM's POWER5, POWER4, zSeries microprocessor and Intel architecture microprocessor technology.
eServer pSeries systems are equipped with POWER4 processors and support IBM's UNIX operating system -- AIX5L.
The IBM eServer p690 is fueled by the POWER4 microprocessor, the first "server on a chip," containing two one-gigahertz-plus processors, a high-bandwidth system switch, a large memory cache and I/O interface.
IBM also announced that it has the Linux operating system up-and-running on its next generation POWER4 microprocessor due out in late 2001.