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PPD country offices are located within the Health Ministry of the respective member country.
The PPD statement emphasizes the fact that with multiple medical and pharmacy schools in the area, Sofia offers a large pool of highly trained health care professionals with extensive language capabilities.
But cost-effectiveness and other issues surrounding the feasibility and overall value of screening for PPD are still relevant issues that need to be considered in this country, as screening increasingly becomes a part of routine postpartum care and as more of these programs are recommended by professional organizations, if not mandated by given states.
In spite of research showing that PPD is of particular concern for vulnerable populations--namely, young women, women of color, and low-income women--the social work literature contains extremely sparse information about PPD.
In the USA, PPD is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human use as a hair dye.
As a leading global provider of discovery and development services and products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, PPD applies innovative technologies, therapeutic expertise and a commitment to quality to help clients maximize the return on their R&D investments.
To sign up as a PPD subscriber or to find out how to join a P&AB Program or to become a P&AB Member, contact Olga Garey at info@pandab.
The booster phenomenon confounds the interpretation of the PPD test, complicating TB control programs (12).
I am honored to have won the award, not only for myself, but also on behalf of PPD.
The last two years have been a watershed period in the history of PPD, as organizational re-structuring and strengthening of PPD have been done to ensure not only its survival but also its relevance in the area of population and development.
Atkinson has demonstrated the ability to build effective teams and deliver the highest level of quality service to our customers," said William Sharbaugh, chief operating officer of PPD.