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In a 500 mL flask, 100 g of PUA emulsion was mixed with 2.
In a similar process, the black PUA films were prepared to compare their properties with the above films.
It is evident that the presence of the PUA fraction causes a shift of the exothermic curing peak of the benzoxazine resin to higher temperature.
from 124[degrees]C of the neat PUA to the value of 129[degrees]C, 148[degrees]C, 162[degrees]C, 180[degrees]C, and 210[degrees]C at the BA-a contents of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 wt%, respectively, whereas that of the neat PBA-a was determined to be 188[degrees]C.
12) En esta muestra, la frecuencia de presencia de PUA sigue siendo baja (1,8%), muy similar a las muestras prehispanicas de la cultura muisca.
En un analisis previo se logro establecer una matriz de divergencia entre periodos de desarrollo cultural en Sudamerica que incluian muestras con presencia del PUA.
It's clear that whole life insurance offers policyowners key benefits, but put one or more riders on the policy--especially a PUA rider--and you may have not only customized the policy, but also maximized its living benefits.
This explanation has been fully confirmed by recording in real time the temperature profiles of PUA samples undergoing ultrafast curing at different light intensities.
At a weight concentration of 10% in the dry PUA film, HDDA was found to accelerate substantially the UV-curing reaction performed at 25[degrees]C, as shown in Figure 4.
The PUA said, This is great news for the energy sector in Israel and is expected to accelerate, in a short time, the volume of renewable energy produced from just 2% today to full compliance with the governments objectives.
El olivo ha sido propagado con exito mediante injerto de cuna apical, yema y escudete, utilizando como puas yemas procedentes de ramas florales tomadas de arboles productivos y sanos (Perez, 2000).