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PUER. In its enlarged sense this word signifies a child of either sex; though in its restrained meaning it is applied to a boy only.
     2. A case once arose which turned upon this question, whether a daughter could take lands under the description of puer, and it was decided by two judges against one that she was entitled. Dy. 337 b. In another case, it was ruled the other way. Rob. 33.

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10, 14-16) Our model further elaborated and investigated a similar concept, and suggested that absorption of PUE on top of AUUO is a major contributor in the rise in plasma creatinine levels.
Our study is limited by potential underreporting and by the increased use of PUE and ILI surveillance during the study period compared with previous periods.
Clower said "This MOU with PUE is another major step forward for the Company and is a progression of the Company's strategy to obtain exposure to highly prospective and scalable coal projects.
One of the reasons why the definition of PUE is often blurred is best demonstrated by an example:
Although in the current study the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil were not significantly affected by grass mixture, herbage DM yields, ANR, NUE, and PUE varied greatly with the grass mixtures throughout the experimental years.
First, starting on March 31, 2013, all specimens from reported PUE cases were required to be tested not only for influenza A(H5N1) but also for seasonal influenza A, influenza B, and influenza A(H7N9) by real-time reverse transcription PCR (3).
The annual PUE, which is a much better measure of how much it costs to operate a facility through the course of a year, was calculated at 1.
These PUE readings are at least four times more efficient than simply moving air under ideal conditions, and much more efficient than traditional systems designed to the same level of reliability.
PUE is simply defined as the total annual energy use by the datacenter, divided by the total annual energy use in the IT equipment, see equation (1).
To get the most from the Tool, the user needs to input data centre attributes such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), UPS load, which non-IT devices are on UPS power as well as providing an approximate percentage breakdown of servers, storage and networking equipment.
The participants have agreed to adopt Power Usage Effectiveness, or PUE, as their preferred energy efficiency metric.
5 seismic factor, N+1, concurrently maintainable design with a PUE of 1.