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PUER. In its enlarged sense this word signifies a child of either sex; though in its restrained meaning it is applied to a boy only.
     2. A case once arose which turned upon this question, whether a daughter could take lands under the description of puer, and it was decided by two judges against one that she was entitled. Dy. 337 b. In another case, it was ruled the other way. Rob. 33.

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This national project was developed and organized by the PUE National Day Event Committee, which was led by the PUE communications team, and included teachers and staff from all QF schools, in addition to staff from the history department at QF's Education Development Institute.
PUE is a term used to describe the presence of functional endometrial glands and stroma in the umbilicus, in the absence of previous surgeries (for either gynaecological disorders or caesarean sections).
PUE values were assumed for different cooling options.
Our model has not demonstrated visible spontaneous PUE following ureteral obstruction.
In this study we investigated the effects of SS and N fertilization rate on SWS PUE and grain yield in the Loess Plateau of Shanxi China to explore a valid water conservation method combined with an appropriate rate of N-application to improve the yield of dry-land wheat.
First, starting on March 31, 2013, all specimens from reported PUE cases were required to be tested not only for influenza A(H5N1) but also for seasonal influenza A, influenza B, and influenza A(H7N9) by real-time reverse transcription PCR (3).
PUE is currently producing approximately 15,000 tonnes of thermal coal per month and targeting to reach approximately 30,000 tonnes per month on Production License IUP No.
Furthermore, the relationship between genetic divergence and heterosis for important traits in abiotic stress conditions, such as the PUE, is still little known in tropical maize germplasm.
07 annualized PUE (power usage effectiveness) in places like New Jersey.
Gartner analysts said continuous power utilization efficiency (PUE) readings will become the norm for most large data centres, and by 2015, 80 percent of new large data centres will report continuous PUE readings across the data centre
The participants have agreed to adopt Power Usage Effectiveness, or PUE, as their preferred energy efficiency metric.