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The Templum Pacis was also located, as Suetonius indicates, foro proximum.
Thus, although only a minority of pax were used to settle feuds, such actions would have carried much significance: certainly Taddeo Pepoli saw peacemaking as key to political power when he incorporated it into his title as conservator pacis et iustitiae civitatis Bononie.
De Jure Belli ac Pacis was read widely in the European intellectual circles of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and it must have then exerted some influence on the process by which the severity of war in Europe was mitigated.
Stylistically, the Ara Pacis friezes represent the period of greatest influence of Greek sculpture on Roman art.
But none of the 25,000 guests that have been through Regina Pacis since it was open in 1997 has left without permission though the door is always unlocked.
23) See, for example, "Visit to the "Regina Pacis Center": Address of His Holiness Benedict XVI".
This predecessor and for a time contemporary of the clarinet is often to be found in Zelenka's music (in Dresden and also in Vienna the chalumeau enjoyed great popularity), complementing the human voice in dialogic mode in emotionally intense passages in his sacred works and the school play Sub olea pacis, which he composed in 1723 for the coronation of Emperor Charles VI as King of Bohemia.
Much more closely studied, because of its obvious associations with romanita in general and Mussolini's admiration for Emperor Augustus in particular, is the clearance around the Mausoleum of Augustus to create the Piazza Augusto Imperatore and the reconstructed Ara Pacis (the ancient Altar of Peace, originally located in Rome to the southwest of the current exhibit).
These achievements were subsequently celebrated in Pliny the Elder's Natural History and Josephus' Jewish War, which concludes with a mention of the swift construction and inauguration of the Templum Pacis.
Benedict visited Amman's Regina Pacis centre for the handicapped on Friday before a meeting with the Jordanian royal family.
Our partnership with CCAT has expedited the maturation of promising capabilities to enhance the robot's environmental awareness," said SSC Pacific's Estrellina Pacis, ARMS project manager.
Hugo Grotius's De lure Belli ac Pacis was written entirely from a standpoint of collective ownership, and related ideas were also central to Locke, Pufendorf, Selden, Filmer, and even Hobbes.