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Source Routing SDN (SR-SDN) mainly has three functions: packet header programming, packet forwarding and packet steering.
Processing native sFlow data preserves all of the packet header information, including host MAC addresses (which are meaningful for edge switches), TCP header flags and option fields, VLAN and MPLS tags, TTL values and some of the packet payload.
After generating the packet header for each segment, the RISC needs to send the TCP and IP header to SBI for further processing.
Since the flag behind the packet header only occupies 1 bit, we ignore the flag bit when we compute the length of E[[P].
The timing and synchronization aspect of T1/E1 service has been incorporated into the CESoP standards, with timestamps and sequence numbers used in the packet headers to transfer timing information from the PSTN to the customer premise equipment.
Packet header contains a PID simply to select next hop LE.
Packet routing decision is based on the destination IP address and provides only the single best matched rule by comparing the packet header fields and classification rules.
The JPEG2000 Encoder supports packet header processing to minimize the overhead packet-processing requirements.
Working with packet processing solutions implemented using ASICs, network processors or FPGAs, Bandwidth Engine ICs are optimized for fast, intelligent access to accelerate the processing of packet header information supporting high-data rate traffic in networking and communications systems.
The reasons for employing such a measurement matrix are that: 1) it is simple to implement by just randomly adding or subtracting packets together; and 2) the sparse measurement matrix reduces the size of packet header while it still yields good reconstruction.
In the first stage, the platform employs stateless packet filtering, which verifies that the packet's source and destination addresses are different and that the packet header is well formed.
Fast digital AGC and DC offset-cancellation schemes allow antenna diversity selection within a packet header.