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On the table where, the previous night, I had counted the money there still was lying the packet of twenty five thousand florins.
On the notice-board in the Captains' Room, the pulsing arrows of some twenty indicators register, degree by geographical degree, the progress of as many homeward-bound packets.
He bound them into a neat packet, swedging down the stiff, sticky oilskin at the comers, for his roving life had made him as methodical as an old hunter in matters of the road.
Passing through the shop on our way out, as we had passed through it on our way in, we found the old man storing a quantity of packets of waste-paper in a kind of well in the floor.
I left him there, the safe open, and the papers made up in packets upon the table.
Hirst came to his help, and they handed packets of chicken and bread from one to another.
Next she produced several packets of herbs and powders and began adding a portion of each to the contents of the kettle.
I bought the two packets of arsenic, on each occasion at my wife's own request.
Lyell has also given me four packets of dust which fell on a vessel a few hundred miles northward of these islands.
The clubs were as hollow as drinking-horns, the pair of them, for we went from one to the other without pausing to undo the padded packets that poured out upon the bed.
I have three packets still left, and you may confidently rely on my spending the whole evening over them.
Separated from her staircase, all the week, by the length of iron road dividing Coketown from the country house, she yet maintained her cat-like observation of Louisa, through her husband, through her brother, through James Harthouse, through the outsides of letters and packets, through everything animate and inanimate that at any time went near the stairs.