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Have you papers--letters of recommendation, the documents you receive when you are paid off before the shipping commissioners?
But it's finished, that's one comfort, and we'll have a lovely time when we're all grown up and the mortgage is paid off.
I shall have a larger allowance now I'm of age; and when I've paid off a debt or two, I shall be able to look about me.
The wagonette was paid off and ordered to return to Coombe Tracey forthwith, while we started to walk to Merripit House.
It is a highly encouraging circumstance in Edward's illness, I am thankful to think, and gives one the greatest confidence in his sense not being impaired, or his proper spirit weakened--down to the time of poor dear papa's death at all events--that he paid off Mrs General instantly, and sent her out of the house.
He had insisted, however, upon efficiency in the work, and had, therefore, paid off certain drunken and idle employees who were members of the all-powerful society.
Here we paid off our cab, and with our great coats buttoned up, for it was bitterly cold, and the wind seemed to blow through us, we walked along the edge of the heath.
The Roamer paid off, filled her sails, slightly heeling, and slid across the smooth water and out the mouth of New York Slough.
Initially launched in March of 2015 as an online game, Givling has already paid off one $32,000 student loan-leaving Manhattan Christian College student Kevin Foster debt-free-and is close to paying off $97,000 more in student loan debt to make it a total of $129,000.
More than BGN 2 B of the guaranteed deposits in the Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), which is undergoing an insolvency court procedure, have already been paid off, reports the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF).
Russia has paid off a $2 billion Soviet-era debt to Serbia and Slovakia, the Russian Finance Ministry said Tuesday.