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Santosh Kumar recommended that the rational use of anti hypertensive drugs and pain killers in primary headache should be prohibited and proper evaluation of patients through history and examination and investigation use specific drugs to save life and prevent unnecessary complication of drugs.
Non-availability of alternative pain killers is another reason sickle cell patients are forced to approach drug dealers, said Mr Al Kadhem.
Pharmamed Medical Sales Representatives Elias Daimoni said Tapal is one of the strongest pain killers present while Febuday helps control pain on people with gout, hyperuracemia and other severe pain related diseases.
This year the charity asked you to Become a Pain Killer either for yourself or a loved one to help win the battle against arthritis.
This year the charity highlighted the impact of pain and asked you to Become a Pain Killer either for yourself or a loved one to help win the battle against arthritis.
Her innovative research has produced a tool to recognise APDOT in patients who are suffering from chronic pain in order that more appropriate pain killers can be prescribed.
The tiny 42-day-old baby was repeatedly poisoned with the powerful pain killer dihydrocodeine.
The drug is a strong pain killer sometimes used recreationally and prohibited in the UAE.
The speciality pharmaceutical company, which develops amd commercialises acute pain killer therapies, has filed documents with the US securities regulator in connection with the IPO, which will be co-managed by Canaccord Genuity, Cowen and Company, and JMP Securities.
Now Liang resists all his father's attempts to take away his only pain killer.
He also revealed that Akhtar virtually begged for a particular pain killer during the recent one-day series against Australia in the UAE.
But here is what I can share with you; the TV ad of the famous pain killer for the relief of headaches and fever symptoms, which frankly disgusted my father who happens to be a pharmacist.