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Last night he was being kept alive on liquid food and a powerful pain-killer.
That's because leech saliva contains a natural anesthetic, or pain-killer.
The practice of giving pain medication only "as needed" can result in "prolonged delays" because the patient may hold off asking for help, especially at night, and then the nurse must unlock the controlled substances cabinet, obtain the pain-killer, prepare it for administration and subsequently give it.
DOCTORS in north Warwickshire are being told not to prescribe a pain-killer and anti-inflammatory drug because it may increase the risk of heart attacks or strokes.
Tests suggests the common pain-killer can beat the disease by making cancer cells commit suicide.
These other diseases include: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD); ulcers (both peptic and pain-killer induced); endometriosis; and prostate, breast and endometrial cancers.
Aspirin, originally developed as a pain-killer, has been known for at least a decade to prevent heart attacks and strokes in high-risk individuals.
GP David Moor, 52 - who allegedly claimed he had helped about 300 patients to die - was last week cleared of the murder of cancer sufferer George Liddell, 85 by giving him a massive dose of pain-killer.
A Warwickshire ambulance service crew gave him advanced life support and the pain-killer diamorphine.