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The researchers analyzed 1982 study and found that ferrets, a common animal model for human flu, produced more seasonal flu virus if their fevers were lowered either with painkillers or by having their fur shaved off.
The FDA proposal would re-classify the combination painkillers as "Schedule II" medications; they are currently classified as "Schedule III.
Hoarding old pills It is a good idea to keep a small quantity of painkillers at home, but always make sure that these are kept out of the reach of children.
People with arthritis are reliant on painkillers because of the nature of their illA[degrees] ness.
Presenting the results of a large international study into a class of painkillers called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), the researchers said high doses of them increase the risk of a major vascular event - a heart attack, stroke or dying from cardiovascular disease by around a third, Khaleej Times Reported.
As a result, the use of prescription painkillers in Bahrain - including morphine and pethidine - is now estimated to be 35 times higher than the international average.
ALMOST two in five painkiller users need medication just so they can go to work, a healthcare charity has said.
People in the region are also the most likely in the country to take more than the recommended safe dose of painkillers, a survey by Nuffield Health has revealed.
And a third of painkiller users are worried about their dependency on drugs, the charity said.
SeeNews) - Nov 26, 2012 - Belgian pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma NV has acquired the business related to the Optalidon painkiller from Swiss pharma major Novartis (VTX:NOVN), Omega Pharma's CEO Marc Coucke told Belgian daily De Tijd on Friday.
HEALTH trusts on Teesside spent more on prescribing painkillers last year than any others in the country, new figures show.