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Ma son molti, i quali per avventura non s'accorgono quando questo Gorgon riguardano; e pero e da sapere che sono alcuni li quali sempre tengon gli occhi della mente fissi nella loro bella moglie, ne' lor flgliuoli, ne' lor be' palagi, ne' lor be' giardini, e questi paion loro da dover preporre ad ogni letizia di paradiso; altri tengono l'animo fisso a' lor cavalli, a' lor fondachi, alle loro botteghe, a' lor tesori; altri agli stati e agli onori pubblichi e simili cose.
Pharmaceuticals plc until its acquisition by Paion AG in June 2008.
Last year, a study funded by the biopharmaceutical company PAION, based in Aachen, Germany, reported in Stroke that desmoteplase appeared to clear brain blood clots in patients up to 9 hours after a stroke, without causing excessive bleeding.
PAION AG, Aachen, Germany, a company focusing on the development of treatment opportunities for stroke and other thrombotic diseases has initiated a new plasminogen activator program, which is intended to serve as a long-term life cycle management tool for Desmoteplase and a mid term option for indications not within the current profile and development program of Desmoteplase.
Yet another successful startup in the Rhineland region is Paion AG.
Desmoteplase is being developed in the United States by Forest Laboratories and in Europe by PAION, a German drug company.
Cambridge, MA; 617-551-3611) and PAION GmbH (Aachen, Germany; 49 (0) 2402 95 53-13) announced an agreement to collaborate in the development of MLN519 for patients with stroke and certain other neurological indications.
La bona consuetudine adunque del parlare credo io che nasca dagli omini che hanno ingegno, e che con la dottrina ed esperienzia s'hanno guadagnato il bon giudicio, e con quello concorrono e consuentono ad accettar le parole che lor paion bone, le quali so conoscono per un certo giudicio naturale, e non per arte or regula alcuna.
Indeed, classifying those in persistent vegetative state as dead can serve as a justification for ending treatment, which it could not do, on paion of circularity, were the classification itself merely a treatment decision.
He also previously served as Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PAION AG, was Board Observer of ConforMIS, Inc.
a wholly owned subsidiary of PAION AG, today announced the appointment of Timothy E.
Results could be available by the end of this year, says Mariola Sohngen, a physician and managing director of Paion, the company commercializing the drug in Aachen, Germany.