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FCC Chairman Ajit Paion Tuesday (6/20) formally selected Tom Sullivan to serve as chief of the International Bureau, which administers international telecommunications and satellite programs and policies, including licensing and regulatory functions.
5) In "La ginestra" this universe is described from the perspective of earthly existence as "tutte in uno,/ Del numero infinite e della mole,/ Con Laureo sole insiem, le nostre stelle/ O sono ignote, o cosi paion come/ Essi alia terra, un punto/ Di luce nebulosa" (fines 178-83).
He was the vice-chairman of the supervisory board of PAION AG, board observer of ConforMIS Inc and represented Johnson & Johnson on the board of BVMed, the German Medical Technology Industry Association.
15 October 2010 - German biopharmaceutical company Paion AG (ETR: PA8) said today it has received EUR1.
E poi che gli occhi a quelle luci appunto, Ch' a for sembrano un punto, E sono immense, in guisa Che un punto a petto a for son terra e mare Veracemente; a cui L' uomo non pur, ma questo Globo ove l' uomme nulla, Sconosciuto e del tutto; e quando miro Quegli ancor piU senz' alcun fin remoti Nodi quasi di stelle, Ch' a not paion qual nebbia, a cui non l' uomo E non la terra sol, ma tutte in uno, Del numero infinite e della mole, Con l'aureo sole insiem, le nostre stelle O sono ignote, o cosi paion come Essi alla terra, un punto Di luce nebulosa; al pensier mio Che sembri allora, o prole Dell' uomo?
Last year, a study funded by the biopharmaceutical company PAION, based in Aachen, Germany, reported in Stroke that desmoteplase appeared to clear brain blood clots in patients up to 9 hours after a stroke, without causing excessive bleeding.
PAION AG, Aachen, Germany, a company focusing on the development of treatment opportunities for stroke and other thrombotic diseases has initiated a new plasminogen activator program, which is intended to serve as a long-term life cycle management tool for Desmoteplase and a mid term option for indications not within the current profile and development program of Desmoteplase.
Yet another successful startup in the Rhineland region is Paion AG.
Lundbeck A/S enters into partnership with PAION Deutschland GmbH(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Desmoteplase is being developed in the United States by Forest Laboratories and in Europe by PAION, a German drug company.
The Americans are well ahead in this field, not because they are smarter than European scientists but because they have better backing, said Wolfgang Sohngen, CEO of German company Paion AG.
Cambridge, MA; 617-551-3611) and PAION GmbH (Aachen, Germany; 49 (0) 2402 95 53-13) announced an agreement to collaborate in the development of MLN519 for patients with stroke and certain other neurological indications.