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However, it looks as if Bledel is no longer a favourite to be paired off with Bomer because another innocent-looking brunette has caught the eye of the "Fifty Shades" fandom.
campaign for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, were paired off to play home and away
Come late January, tawny owls, ravens and rooks will all be paired off.
The two females have each already paired off for the season.
1 : to put in or join in a group of two <The guests paired off for dancing.
QUARTZ HILL -- More than 150 Quartz Hill High School students paired off Friday with someone they didn't know and shared little things about themselves -- what breakfast cereal best described them and what country they would most like to visit and why.
The women got the children off to school, hung out at one of their pools, paired off, and were back before the kids came home.
Its main example was a scandal in an Arlington, Virginia, school, where a group of eighth-graders would get together for parties at which boys and girls paired off for sexual activities that eventually progressed from petting to oral sex.
Eleven dancers on the town paired off and regrouped, making for a spirited, shifting dynamic.
The other six second-placed teams will then be paired off in two- legged play -offs for the final three places.
The other six second-placed teams will then be paired off to play each other over two-legged play-offs for the remaining three places.
We each paired off with the respective superintendents and once inside the units our work was simplified because each building address and unit number was preloaded.