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Furthermore, our proposed approaches--[alpha]-D MCDM-TOPSIS and Extended [alpha]-D MCDM--can be used to solve real-life problems in which criteria are not only pairwise, but n-wise comparisons, and the problems are not perfectly consistent.
Pairwise comparison matrices of the fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (fAHP) based decision making models are positive and reciprocal.
They compared their pairwise solution to other solutions, such
p+q] be pairwise disjoint non-empty finite sets in [bar.
Perform separate pairwise random effects metaanalysis for the comparisons ACE versus BB, CCB versus BB, and ACE versus CCB.
Given two disjoint cubic semi-graphs with exactly four pairwise non-adjacent semi-edges, B = (V, E, S) and B' = (V', E', S'), any graph G = (V [union] V', E [union] E' [union] E") with E" being a set of four disjoint edges xy with x* [member of] S and y* [member of] S', is called a junction of B and B'.
The NJ tree constructed from the pairwise standard Ds between the nine populations is shown in Figure 1.
j], Y) are unary and pairwise potentials, respectively, and [N.
The imputation of inability to effect a stable choice only gains purchase if we assume that one's pairwise preferences imply a corresponding pattern of preference over the three-term set {a, b, c}; otherwise, no grounds exist for ascribing any specific three-term preference pattern, and in particular not the allegedly unstable one.
However, for complex problems or those with many options, excessive computational effort may be required and a high level of pairwise comparisons.
The results suggest that both adult and pediatric patients are more likely to be unintentionally nonadherent to asthma therapy than intentionally adherent, according to statistical analyses using Cronbach's alpha, nonparametric one-way analysis of variance, and a pairwise comparison using the Bonfer-roni approach to determine differences between answers to the questions.