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Other symptoms include flushing, palpitations, anxiety/panic attacks, diaphoresis and headache, often transient.
Lots of people say they are only really aware of the symptoms when lying in bed and, in most cases, although frightening, palpitations are not dangerous and may be due to anxiety," says Lobban.
Concern arises when palpitations don't quickly return to normal and go on for extended periods of time and, in the case of AF, when the pulse is irregular.
Au cas oE les palpitations persistent, l'usage de medicaments devient necessaire.
Some palpitations are caused by medical disorders like uncontrolled high blood pressure, anemia, thyroid abnormalities, electrolyte imbalances, and sleep apnea.
Palpitations of this type are often not a major problem in otherwise healthy people.
The movement of the wires through my heart keeps causing palpitations but the cardiac nurses, who are sitting at computers in the room next door, are able to control them by passing electrical currents through the wires, restoring normal rhythm.
We usually hear them talked about as palpitations, but what does that actually mean?
TWICE US Tour winner JP Hayes was taken to hospital suffering from heart palpitations after withdrawing from the PODS Championship on Sunday.
They may experience tachycardia, palpitations, headaches, restlessness, anxiety, a strong, full and hard pulse, they may have a history of fainting spells and the face may turn pale on sitting up.
clock suspense tale, "Antibodies" activates some B-grade heart palpitations toward its climax.
Adam Price, the party's Director of Elections, was struck down with heart palpitations in his constituency office last week and rushed to hospital.