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78) No such heading exists in the works of earlier civil law authorities such as Van der Linden and Pothier, or Pandectists like Bernard Windscheid.
67) In drawing this distinction, De Wet drew on more recent thinking in the civilian tradition, and especially on the works of the German Pandectist, Friedrich Carl von Savigny, (68) who incidentally also left his mark on English jurists like Anson and Pollock.
If anything, the effect of the Pandectist tradition was rather on De Wet's method, (112) which is characterised by a rigorous, systematic, and conceptual approach to setting out the law of contract, and which at times is quite pragmatic in its structural choices.
So far as I am aware, there is not the least evidence that Dean Langdell, the Continental Pandectists, or even the great Savigny ever had any effect on the nineteenth-century common law of tort, either in England, the United States, or anywhere else.
131) The BGB was heavily influenced by the Pandectists and can therefore trace its ancestry to Roman Law.
19) The German Pandectist movement was highly influential, both among private law scholars working on the Italian Civil Code, and among public law scholars elaborating the legal principles for unified Italy's new administration.