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distributor for Lloyds of London, says it's because pandemics are typically short-lived and can't be underwritten with any amount of certainty.
Pandemic Rx is an enhancement available to Lexington Insurance Co.
In June 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the influenza H1N1 virus a pandemic, the first such pandemic to be declared in 41 years.
During the second influenza season, many parts of the world were affected, but the pandemic actually unfolded as a series of smoldering localized epidemics, rather than acute spikes in mortality as was characteristic during the 1918 and 1957 pandemics.
Therefore, the UK Committee on Ethical Aspects of Pandemic Influenza published the ethical framework (2) designed to assist with and support the ethical aspects of policy and clinical decision making during and after an influenza pandemic.
Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza in Nursing Homes: A 2-State Survey," shows that 52% of the 451 responding nursing homes in Nebraska and Michigan do not have any pandemic plan; 23% had a specific plan; and 24% had a pandemic response incorporated into an overall disaster response plan.
6 billion due to a severe pandemic flu, according to a study conducted by the Trust for America's Health.
In the 20th century, three influenza pandemics were responsible for more than 50 million deaths worldwide and almost a million deaths in the United States.
These strategies are important, because the best protection against pandemic influenza--a vaccine--is not likely to be available at the outset of a pandemic.
The longest gap between two pandemics was 39 years.
But regardless of when birds infected with the virus arrive in the United States, or whether the strain mutates, Reynaldo said government officials and the public should continue to prepare for a pandemic.