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VILLAIN., An epithet used to cast contempt and contumely on the person to whom it is applied.
     2. To call a man a villain in a letter written to a third person, will entitle him to an action without proof of special damages. 1 Bos. & Pull. 331.

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In the past, English cricket fans didn't have to look too hard to find their pantomime villain Aussies.
Taylor completed his conversion to pantomime villain by dismissing Everton's Darron Gibson for a similar offence in stoppage-time, Hammers supporters pouring scorn on what looked to them an obvious attempt to even up the score.
Savage loved playing the pantomime villain during his playing days, and there are few bigger pantomimes than reality TV.
Hot on their heels is the evil Gargamel - played like an Eastern European pantomime villain by Hank Azaria - and his feline familiar.
Welbeck became the pantomime villain for the 21,000 away contingent when he replaced Ashley Young for the final nine minutes of Tuesday night's 1-1 friendly draw at Wembley.
If anything, this encounter only served to confirm that the modern age footballers are pure drama with Gattuso nothing more than a pantomime villain.
There is also the out-of-control post trolley, which thunders through the building, the tea-loving postie, and the pantomime villain himself, Mr Bullerton, Howard's boss.
Then 'Top of the Bill' the former world champion M&M v the Pantomime Villain, Shelby Grosse.
And rather than make him a pantomime villain, the only way to show how evil it is to take a life is to kill someone the reader cares about.
Angela said: "She's creating this pantomime villain to make money.
BURNLEY 0 ARSENAL 1 BY BILL MILLS FOOTBALL'S pantomime villain is looking nervously over his own shoulder as Arsenal closed right up to Chelsea at the top of the Premier League.
McConville spent an unhappy 12 months with the Hatters and was cast as the pantomime villain on his return with boos ringing out each time he touched the ball.