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Above, a 1970s TV advert for Tudor Crisps where a paper boy bribes a pal with a "canny bag" to deliver a paper in |the "Dunston Rocket" ; below, actor Allen Mechen played the 1980s grown-up, Rolls Royce-driving paper boy
The hero in the book is 12-year-old Michael, a paper boy who is bullied by his older, much larger brother, known as the Viking, until Michael finds his strength and courage.
About the Design Paper Boy is in part, the brainstorm of Truett-Hurst Inc.
Paper Boy will be enjoyed by aficionados of Americana, coming of age stories, and memoirs.
Note to younger readers: paper boys, and paper girls, were boys, and girls, employed by shopkeepers called newsagents.
Grandma said, "The paper boy stayed, and he was the nicest boy the girl had ever met, so they grew up and got married, and that was how I met your grandpa.
Peter said his dad's death was discovered by a paper boy who called at his home in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.
Our paper boy Tom is now 81 years old and still delivering papers in all weathers.
The lessons I learned as a paper boy were how to always provide service with a smile, how to be punctual, how to be responsible with money, and how to remember to place the papers in a certain spot for individual customers.
Wallace retires from "60 Minutes": The legendary 87-year-old investigative reporter said he wanted to spend more time with his family, catching them ripping off the paper boy.
Cousins Vincent Hickey, 48, and Michael Hickey, 41, served most of their 18-year jail terms before the Appeal Court ruled in 1997 that they had been wrongly convicted of murdering paper boy Carl Bridgewater in 1979.
But I figured that if the paper boy was out that early how would anyone know what he looked like.