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And when Irving, the real paper boy and the school swot turned up, he was chased off as a fraud.
They provide a great service to their neighbourhoods and I always give my paper boy a tip at Christmas time.
Gazette paper boy Michael Boyle made the news after his quick thinking saved a stricken pensioner.
Worcester Crown Court was told that Vincent Hickey has spent around PS150,000 servicing his addiction to drugs since his conviction for the murder of paper boy Carl Bridgewater was quashed in 1997.
Peter said his dad's death was discovered by a paper boy who called at his home in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.
Your local paper boy could well turn out to be the next Richard Branson.
Cousins Vincent Hickey, 48, and Michael Hickey, 41, served most of their 18-year jail terms before the Appeal Court ruled in 1997 that they had been wrongly convicted of murdering paper boy Carl Bridgewater in 1979.
A 14-YEAR-old paper boy was robbed by a syringe-wielding man in Glasgow.
It seems incredible that Jack Straw would even CONSIDER deporting a success story like Ben James who, after his parents left him to fend for himself, worked as a dishwasher and a paper boy in an effort to make something of his life.
A paper boy yesterday found the blindfolded victim of a Bonnie and Clyde-style robbery trussed up in the back of his own van.
TWO masked muggers who robbed a paper boy while armed with a screwdriver have avoided custody.