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Jonathan Kendall Slentz of The Wallpaper Store answers: "I've heard those stories, too, from customers who thought any paperhanger who advertised must be a professional.
You can subtract for windows and doors, but especially for novice paperhangers, it's better to have too much paper than not enough.
But there were only 5 paperhangers and 7 undertakers in the entire state.
6 1 Not-specified mechanics and repairers 6 1 Construction trades 107 10 Brickmasons, stonemasons, tile setters, including supervisors 3 -- Carpet installers, carpenters, drywall installers, including supervisors 13 1 Electricians and electrical power installers and repairers, including supervisors 24 2 Painters, paperhangers, and plasterers, including supervisors 8 1 Plumbers, pipefitters, steamfitters, including supervisors 13 1 Supervisors, n.