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Jonathan Kendall Slentz of The Wallpaper Store answers: "I've heard those stories, too, from customers who thought any paperhanger who advertised must be a professional.
0 Supervisors, painters, paperhangers, & plasterers 5.
If you'd like to give wallpaper a whirl, consider these tips from designers, retailers, showrooms, and professional paperhangers.
The Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers declared that "the use of white lead is a grave menace to the health and lives of painters and should be forbidden.
To locate an experienced contract installer, the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP), Fredericksburg, VA, [see at website: www.
On that same trip to London I watched some paperhangers working in
Hundreds of thousands of work-men--carpenters, masons, painters, joiners, paperhangers, tailors, hairdressers, jewelers, molders, typesetters--spend their whole lives in hard labor" to further art.
But there were only 5 paperhangers and 7 undertakers in the entire state.