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But there has never been a paradigm shift, as we were only tweaking and augmenting the systems and technologies introduced in 2002.
This disruptive nature of a paradigm shift, the change which renders the old framework invalid, makes accumulation impossible.
At the end of the final phase of polling, Modi wrote on his blog that while " seats, vote shares, margins and other such facts and figures are critical in understanding the uniqueness of any election, the Gujarat Vidhan Sabha Elections 2012 elections have offered us valuable glimpses into the sheer beauty of the Indian will and usher in a paradigm shift in how elections will be viewed in India.
The exhibition will feature new and existing works that CIC says "operate through or about paradigm shifts, political or personal offering an argument for art's ability to move people and trigger responses.
The Paradigm Shift Shop partners with these artisans by selling their products to U.
We in the consumer electronics area have a paradigm shift every year or two.
Plate tectonics was a classic example of a paradigm shift, on the same scale as the change from natural theology to evolution or from Newtonian to quantum mechanics.
Emotional Intelligence represents a paradigm shift in how intelligence is measured and what qualities are considered important for success in work and life.
However, now that the GE monogram has lost its luster, perhaps champions like Thomas can force a paradigm shift within corporate America--as well as among African Americans who continue to flounder within "hallowed institutions" like GE--that engage in discrimininatory hiring and promotion practices.
The availability of the protease inhibitors and viral load testing resulted in a paradigm shift in how people with HIV were treated.
In contrast, Australia's continuum theory recognizes the interconnection between the roles of records manager and archivist and represents a paradigm shift in theory that closely links the two professions at a basic level.
A favorite cartoon shows an executive returning to his office after lunch and his secretary informing him: "While you were out, there was a paradigm shift.