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Some programs have inherent concurrency, which is easy to parallelize like some loops having different variables to operate upon; while, in some programs we can create concurrency, such as matrix operations; but some programs cannot be parallelized, such as the program to find Fibonacci series (Wittwer 2006).
Impulse C is donating licenses for their CoDeveloper software, which will enable teams to specify their designs in ANSI C code and have it parallelized for multi-stream acceleration in FPGAs.
In addition, the functionality is implemented to run as software, with parallelized data processing and other optimizations.
Impulse C donated licenses for their CoDeveloper software, which enabled teams to specify their designs in ANSI C code and have it parallelized for multi-stream acceleration in FPGAs.
Parallelized data risk analytics: Mantra appliances now offer patent-pending parallelized data risk analytics - a first in the industry.
Using the combination of extremely consistent, parallelized digestion with automated reverse-phase cleanup via AssayMAP, at a scale appropriate for ultrasensitive proteomics applications, has enabled us to contemplate collaborative studies of previously unheard-of scales and throughput," said Jacob Jaffe, Ph.
The majority of HPC applications are still written in Fortran and parallelized using MPI and OpenMP," said Vince Mendillo, Director, Technical Computing Marketing, Microsoft.
Last October, Mentor announced the Olympus-SoC Parallel Timing Analysis and Optimization technology, making Olympus-SoC the only place-and-route system providing true concurrent multi-corner multi-mode optimization with a fully parallelized core timing engine.
Increasingly, we meet customers that are challenged to load Big Data quickly into highly parallelized data warehouses due to the Big Data transfer bottleneck.
3 Meister build engine optimizes compiles running in parallelized mode for smart and fast continuous integration.
zFAST can be parallelized on several PCs, further accelerating the synthesis process and enabling design teams to complete a large synthesis job in minutes instead of several hours.
A consistent programming paradigm for parallelized analyses increases productivity for the analyst and programmer.